With new airport rules, passengers can get off the plane if delayed three hours.


Airports and airlines are making a few changes this summer, all of which are directed to help the passenger travel experience. Under a new federal rule, passengers must be offered water and snacks after two hours of sitting without reaching a gate or taking off.


With the tarmac rule in place, three hours is the maximum amount of time passengers have to wait before they have the chance to get off of the plane if it’s delayed on the tarmac.


If airlines do not comply with the tarmac rule, fines can be up to $27,000 per passenger, or about $4 million on a typical planeload of 150 people. Airlines and airports are well prepared for these new changes.


Many are fully equipped with bottled water and pretzels, some are even deploying new buses, vans, and “drive-by gates” to provide easy access to passengers who want to get off flights that are being delayed.


Perhaps the most significant among the changes, are airlines canceling flights to reduce the chances that planes will sit without taking off or finding an open gate.


Travelers will notice these changes taking place as the summer season approaches.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

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