From rocky shores to lush, green gardens, there’s no shortage of things to do in Galway, Ireland. Because of the beautiful scenery, Galway happens to be one of the best spots in Ireland to snap an amazing Instagram photo. So where do you go to get the Instagram images that will make your account go viral? We’ve got everything you need to know about where to snap some breathtaking shots of Galway that will leave your friends green with envy.

Hike Along the Cliffs of Moher

things to do in galway ireland moher cliffs

While many places don’t live up to the hype, the sight of the clear azure waves crashing against the stone cliffs will leave you speechless. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, make sure to visit O’Brien’s Tower for a sensational view that will definitely be worth the flights to Ireland. Your friends will be so blown away by the striking natural beauty of Galway that you’ll have to swear you didn’t enhance your photo for social media!

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Peruse Through the Stores of Shop Street

things to do in galway ireland shop street

If you like a little more action in your Instagram photos, it’s high time you made the journey to Galway’s famous Shop Street. This bustling street will keep you enthralled for hours with its assortment of quirky, artsy shops and must-visit local hotspots. Be sure to spend some quality time perusing the art galleries, which are filled with local talent and will make souvenir shopping a breeze. When you get hungry, there’s an abundance of cozy pubs ready to provide you with scrumptious, fresh seafood and delicious local cuisine. Don’t forget to snap a shot of your meal before you dig in!

Learn Some Local History at Dunguaire Castle

things to do in galway ireland

Galway is a dream come true for history buffs, and Dunguaire Castle is the perfect place to visit whether you’re interested in diving into the past or adding some impressive content to your Instagram account. The castle was built during the 16th century and has since been restored to its former glory for visitors all over the world. After admiring the defensive wall, explore the 75-foot tower and snap a selfie against this timeless, historical backdrop. The castle is open during the summer, allowing you to fully appreciate the rugged natural beauty of Ireland, and the bravery and fortitude of the people who call it home.

Check Out Claddagh

things to do in galway ireland claddagh

One of the most beautiful towns in all of the Galway area, this spot is so picturesque you might wonder how it could be real. But, this former fishing village has a wealth of history and culture to explore, no matter what your interests are! Snap a shot of the rock-strewn shoreline, or pose against the backdrop of cozy cabins lining the water. Once you’re done taking pictures, visit the local jewelry stores to learn the fascinating history of the Claddagh ring (and maybe even bring one home for that special someone).

Take in the Breathtaking View of the Blackrock Diving Tower

things to do in galway ireland blackrock diving tower

This is considered a must-see spot for tourists across the globe, but don’t be deterred by the idea of crowds. The Blackrock Diving Tower, located in Salthill, is a wildly popular place for locals and jet-setters alike. The diving board comes with a fascinating history, but the real appeal is the view: perched atop the diving board, you get to truly appreciate the beauty of Galway. And, when it comes to the perfect Instagram picture, the hardest part will be choosing between a vibrant sunset or a fun action shot as you dive into the ocean waters!

Explore the Quadrangle

things to do in galway ireland the quadrangleThis establishment was first opened in 1849 when it was known as Queen’s College. Although the building is now mostly administrative offices, its regal beauty and elegance have remained popular with anyone looking for a dramatic Instagram picture. Although The Quadrangle ensures stunning photographs no matter when you choose to visit, we suggest swinging by around sunset, when the combination of shadows and fading light make for a unique and haunting image.

Where do you go for Instagram-worthy images in Galway? Tell us in the comments below!

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