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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (CC Flickr photo credit: mbarrison)
The Met will make a big splash in the world of Modern Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a treasured New York City institution. Home to more than two million works, The Met possesses one of the most valuable and revered art collections in the world.


However, when it comes to the world of Modern Art, the museum is far out-shined by New York City neighbors like the MoMA and the New Museum. Housing a comparatively meager modern collection in a combined “19th-century and contemporary art” department, the Met has mostly shied away from modern works.


However, all that is about to change. According to a report in the New York Times, the museum has hired Sheena Wagstaff, former chief curator of London‘s Tate Modern, to piece together a new Modern Art collection that will be housed in the newly acquired Marcel Breuer building at Madison Avenue and 75th Street.


The Met is set to take over the building from the Whitney Museum for at least eight years beginning in 2015. Before then, Wagstff should have enough tim to put together a collection that will turn some heads.


CC Flickr photo credit: mbarrison

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