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What happens when the stars, the sun, the moon and planet Earth all align? Magic. Well, not exactly, we know it as the solar eclipse. On August 21, 2017, the continental United States will witness its first solar eclipse since 1979! Yep. This solar eclipse is a big deal and we understand that you might be stressing over where to catch the be view! Although Hopkinsville (a small town in Kentucky, named the ultimate location) is all booked up, there are 11 states that’ll have a front row seat to the event!

Check out our guide to see what other cities you can venture to secure your view!

Casper, Wyoming

Wyoming‘s second largest city is also the home of the national convention of the Astronomical League– Astrocon. Because of the popularity of Astrocon, in the days leading up to the eclipse, this city becomes a thriving hotspot for astronomy junkies from all across the country. Find a cozy spot away from the crowd tucked into the rugged Wyoming landscape or join in on the hype and register to be a part of the Eclipse Festival!

Carbondale, Illinois

At Southern Illinois University (SIU) a massive viewing event will be held at Saluki Stadium, complete with eclipse tailgating, a citizens’ science learning area and live music you’re in for a party at SIU’s celebrations. If football-game-style tailgates aren’t your thing, how about celebrating the Great American Eclipse with a glass of wine? Head to Blue Sky Vineyard for an incredible view of both the eclipse and the Giant City State Park.

Nashville, Tennessee

Where can you combine your love for honky-tonk and astronomy for one grand experience? In the country music Mecca, Nashville of course! The Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee,  a nonprofit science museum for children, will host a public eclipse event called the Music City Solar Eclipse Festival!

Saint Joseph, Missouri

Sure, it was the place where Jesse James met his untimely end, but Saint Joseph, Missouri proves it’s more than its past. It has thriving arts, outdoors, and cultural scenes and has already started prepping a festival around the eclipse event in August.

Kansas City, Kansas

The city straddles Kansas and Missouri — and it benefits from it.  Not only will you get a great view of the eclipse, the first 200 people at the Kansas City T-Bones Solar Eclipse Viewing Party receive complimentary tickets for that night’s ball games at Community America Ballpark.

Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you’re into an outdoor adventure, take a tour in one of the many caves or choose to stay indoors and imbibe in the growing craft brewery scene in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Besides so much to do, you’re in for a treat here as you’re sure to have an amazing view of the eclipse in an energetic city!

Where are you going to head for the eclipse? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to book your ticket, too!


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