The FAA Says You Don't Have to Stop Watching Cat Videos During Your Flight. Photo credit: rick
Big news from the travel world today. The;FAA has officially announced that passangers will be able to use portable electronic devices during all phases of your flight. That includes take off and landing. In other words, if you're reading an e-book, using a tablet, or playing whatever games these kids play today, you can do so uninterrupted from takeoff to touchdown.


BUT! Don't go headed to your closest airport just yet. While the FAA hopes to have officially approved every airline by the end of 2013 (that goes for both domestic and international flights), they're still going through the approval process. Each airline will have to demonstrate that their fleet can operate without any kind of negative radio interference. To give you an idea of how far along the process is, Delta just submitted a plan for approval.


That said: there's a BIG caveat here. The FAA's lift on the prohibition only covers tablets, e-readers, and the like. Phone calls and texting are still prohibited under different regulations. 


Before assuming you're in the clear, check out the;FAA's FAQ about portable electronic devices. And in the meantime, enjoy all those sweet, sweet cat videos. 




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Photo credit: rick 

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