The Dish: Choza Taqueria

 Tacos from Choza!


I stopped by Choza Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant in New York City, this week to see if it’s a place for people coming off flights to New York City and locals to come visit.

Here’s the dish on Choza Taqueria, its freshness, pricing and much more!

Freshness: I stopped in Choza Taqueria this past Tuesday to try out their Mexican cuisine.  I dived right into the chicken burrito and was pleased with how fresh it was, ingredients are something I stress over on a regular basis.  It tasted like a home-cooked meal that other Mexican food chains would be hard to equal.  The chicken burrito is marinated breast of chicken smothered in rich roasted chilies and tomatoes.  It’s accompanied with Arbol chili salsa and grilled onions. It was a delight; no hot sauce was needed for my palate. It was tangy enough.

Affordable:  The prices for burritos ($8.04), tacos ($7.35), salads ($8.27) and bowls ($8.04) are all flat.  If you want cheese, guacamole or sour cream however, that’ll raise your food between .50 cents and $1.65.  If you consider the size of the huge burrito, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Service: A good time to visit Choza Taqueria is after 2 p.m. during a weekday.  The line was non-existent and I got my food relatively quickly.

Variety:  Aside from the standard array of Mexican (pork, steak, chicken and vegetarian), Choza also offers up specials such as shrimp, potato and even duck tacos (I’m going to have to go back and try that!).

Overall rating: Choza Taqueria is definitely a place to come if you’re looking for that little bit extra; I mean they’ve got Jarritos to complement all their tasty dishes.  How often can you get some duck tacos?

66 Madison Ave (between 27th & 28th Street)

Twitter: @ChozaTaqueria
Facebook: Choza Taqueria

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