Buffalo Exchange (CC Flickr photo credit: nicole.rivera14)
Buffalo Exchange: Home to New and Recycled Fashion


It’s no secret Las Vegas has some of the best shopping in America. With designer stores, department stores and everything in between, Las Vegas bewitches lovers of shopping in many, many ways.


Whether it is the shopping malls, outlets or boutiques, finding clothing to buy is easy. But for those travelers who need a little justification before they can whip out their credit cards and make a purchase that may cost more than their cheap flights, there are a few stores that offer items in a normal price range (read: not Chanel) you won’t find in normal stores.


The Attic: This store gained national noteriaty when it appeared on a “Life Takes VISA” commercial in 1998 which told the story of the store’s rise to success. Today, it is the largest vintage clothing store in the world. Founded by Mayra Carbet in 1989, her idea was to bring in clothing from around the world. It’s easy to become mesmerized in the colorful store, which recently had to relocate due to a gas leak which resulted in an explosion that rocked The Attic. If you’re not sure what to buy, ask the staff. They’re as in tune with styles and unique creations as Carbet.


Patty’s Closet: A small boutique store, Patty’s Closet first hit the Las Vegas shopping scene in 2007. Since then, it’s become one of the most talked about shops in town. Known for its limited number of sizes – two small, two medium and two large for each piece – locals flock here with the understanding they won’t show up to an event wearing the same thing as five other people. Same goes for visitors. Buying something from this shop means you’re probably the only one on the block to own it. Once the selection has sold out, it’s time to bring another item on to the floor.


Buffalo Exchange: Vintage and thrift unite at Buffalo Exchange. Here, unique clothing is the name of the game. In fact, most of the clothing has been worn before, and sold to the store. You never know what you’re going to get when you step into the store. With a huge selection of men’s and women’s clothing it’s easy to spend an hour or more rummaging through the racks to discover that one piece to bring home.


Bettie Page Clothing: Unless you live or are planning to shop in San Francisco, Hollywood or San Diego, the Las Vegas branch of Bettie Page Clothing is one of those stops for female shoppers looking to re-create Bettie Page’s look. Clothing pieces echo the timeless 1950s style glamour, and include dresses, art and accessories.


Annie Creamcheese: The first vintage store to open in the upscale Palazzo Shoppes on The Strip, Annie Creamcheese features contemporary and vintage clothing and accessories. The small outfit in Las Vegas crams in an eclectic mix of clothing including new and emerging designers.


CC Flickr photo credit: nicole.rivera14

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