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A city of famous Southern Italian culture and charm, Naples is a city of extremes. You’ll enjoy extreme Italian population, cuisine and tourist attractions. Named after the Greek word for new city, it is a mix of old school charm with new, modern traditions. Just two hours south of Rome, Naples is a vibrant city worth exploring for its historical finds and cultural treasures.

Castel Nuovo: Italian for the New Castle, Castel Nuovo is a medieval castle that has been around since the 11th century. It was the capital of then the Kingdom of Naples, built by French architects as a grand fortress. It has since then been restored many times, to be in use still to this day. Today the castle is home to the Municipal Museum.

Palazzo Real: Every European city has its grand palace and Naples doesn’t fall short of its own. The Palazzo Real, or the Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful squares in Naples. It was built for the Bourbon Kings in the late 18th- early 19th century. The building displays a series of statues of the rulers who once controlled Naples. Today, it is home to the Teatro San Carlo, a museum, and the offices of the regional tourism board.

Galleria Umberto I: Did you ever think a shopping mall could be a tourist attraction? If you’re visiting the Galleria Umberto I, it is a lot more than a shopping opportunity. Built in 1887, this spacious and beautiful architectural wonder was built for Umberto I, King of Italy at the time. It was built for exactly what it’s used for today- to bring in businesses, shops and cafes. It was meant to unite people to socialize, and even live in private apartments on the top floor. Besides the grand entrance, its grand feature is a high glass dome makes your tourist and shopping experience a little grander in appearance and feeling.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale: We’re familiar with Ancient History to know that Rome once ruled the Western European world. One of the biggest Roman Architectural museums, bigger than even the one in Rome is the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, located in Naples. It has an astonishing collection of what used to be the grand Roman Empire, from paintings, objects and statues. It features objects removed from Pompeii and other excavation sites. It is a must see for a wide collection of impressive artifacts.

Certosa di San Martino: Once a monastery, now a museum, but was then impressive and now just spectacular is the Certosa di San Martino. Since the 12th century, it has been expanded to be even grander in size and splendor. Perched atop a hill, it stands out as a visible landmark in the city of Naples. Today it is home to the San Martino Museum, home to poignant pieces that represent the historical accomplishment of artists in Naples.

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