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Dance the Night Away!

Posh in its name and its reputation as a fashionable city, Milan is more than just a stylish city. It is a playground for those who love to enjoy decadent dishes, fine cocktails and a vibrating nightlife. Those who visit Milan enjoy the runways during the day and glam up for the red carpet at night.

10 Corso Como: This is the place to visit if you want to enjoy the party, before the real party. The idea of the space was actually to create a multi-functional facility dedicated to art, fashion, music and nightlife. What began as an art gallery and bookshop later became a chic place to relax and unwind before a night out.

Diana Bar: Milan is meant to be enjoyed outdoors, especially during the warmer months that bring out Italian men on their vespa's and women in their flirty skirts. Soak up the Mediterranean sun in town with sophisticated cocktails in a relaxed garden setting. You can easily get a glimpse of the latest trends by just going for a drink after hours, the best dressed seems to be attracted here.

Sayonara: Sayonara may translate to "goodbye" in Japanese, but you'll say hello to a cozy cocktail at the bar in Milan. This high class piano bar dates back to the 1930s with a decor to match. It’s an example of East meets West, with European and Japanese influence. You even have geisha's who serve your cocktails, truly a unique experience in Milan.

Plastic: Vibrant in its Studio-54 like attitude, Plastic was named one of Europe's best clubs. With 30 years of outlandish nights, Plastic is the trendsetter's mega club with high energy and dance music. Let the bright lights and loud music keep you up all night long, as it is a party that seems to have no end at Plastic. These parties are more spoken about than actually attended; only the best of the best are seen here.

The Hollywood: America has Hollywood, and Milan has The Hollywood- the nightclub that is. This legendary club has been around for decades, entertaining Italians and tourists who love to party. What’s special about the club is its party nights, ranging from a pajama party to the school girl party. On a regular night, you can still enjoy drink specials, high energy parties and a big crowd to support the cause- another place to enjoy the great nightlife of Milan.

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photo: kalooz

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