The Best of Amsterdam Cocktails. Photo credit: Sander Beekmans
When in Amsterdam, what are your favorite things to do? This cosmopolitan city prides itself in many things, like its multicultural vibe, its bike-able land and some of the best European beers out there. But, not everyone happens to be a lover of beer. Thankfully, Amsterdam excels in mixology. You may be surprised that there are cocktails worthy enough of a cheap flight out to Amsterdam to enjoy this summer!
Door 74
Imagine a cocktail bar so posh that you actually had to make reservations? Don't just knock on Door 74, you'll need to plan ahead to visit this swanky place. To get in, you’ll have to call a special reservations number. If you’re lucky, you’ll be chosen as one of the few guests to visit Door 74 that evening.. Call it a twist on the "speakeasies" of the 20's; Door 74 channels a time when we sipped spirits because it was an art, not to get drunk. With rules like no screaming and no hitting on other guests, we cannot help but love door 74. And the drinks may be pricy, but they are oh-so exquisite with exotic ingredients that go beyond your basic rum and coke.
Canvas op de 7e
This restaurant translates to "Canvas on the 7th", which refers to being located on the 7th floor. This particular building is special, because it is the former home of the national Volkskrant newspaper. (We seem to find a trend in The Netherlands for newspaper buildings turning into bars/clubs) Make sure to try their signature drink: the Canvas Martini with Lemongrass infused vodka and Perenijs Processo. On a nice summer day, enjoy your cocktail on the rooftop terrace for a stunning view of Amsterdam from the outer banks.
Vesper Bar
If the name Vesper sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Bond girl that was truly loved. Yes, this cocktail bar located in the trendy Jordaan neighborhood is named after the only woman Bond truly loved. We love this place not only for this but for their love of the cocktail. They create seasonal menus to make sure the cocktail matches the up and coming season. They even offer cocktail workshops for an opportunity to learn this fun craft for yourself. Their menu is of course divine and full of drinks that will keep you coming back for more. We must mention two specialties: the V.O.C- named after the Dutch trading company that almost took over the world during the Dutch Golden Age: made with Dutch Ketel One. And if you are brave, take a Leap of Faith – a two person drink (oh my) where the bartender will create a “secret concoction.”
Bubbles and Wine
There is something bubbly about Bubbles and Wine. Oh yes, this wine bar features fine champagne and wine! They keep it simple with two classic staples that you cannot go wrong with. This chic spot is perfect for a romantic evening or a fun get-together with friends. You can even take tasting flights if you want to try flavors of a particular region.
Named after an exotic fruit native to South America, Feijoa is also nicknamed the pineapple guava. In Amsterdam, it happens to be a popular cocktail bar. This cocktail bar prides itself in the Feijoa experience; fine and unique tastes crafted for your enjoyment in a relaxing and comfortable location. They take their cocktail craft seriously with drinks like The Ardbeg project with 10 year old Whiskey or the Maracuja and pimento; a tiki inspired drink with passion fruit, vanilla and rum. Look out for "Sax on Sunday"; featuring live saxophone players to truly put you into that cocktail mood.
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Photo credit: Sander Beekmans 

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