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Love is in the air! And we’re here to help make sure your Valentine’s Day is the best yet. Traveling as a couple offers the chance to discover what makes each of you tick while adding to a reservoir of lifelong happy memories as you experience new and exciting things together.

To get you and your special someone heading in the right direction for a most amazing Valentine’s Day, here are three simple tips to keep in mind for your next romantic break.

Maximize Your Time Together


The key to planning a successful romantic getaway is to ensure that you and your sweetheart get to spend as much time together as possible doing things you both enjoy. This might mean setting off on a wilderness hike in Yosemite National Park, making a mad dash for a weekend break in New York, or even catching cheap flights for Valentine’s Day to Paris! Whatever the case may be, make sure to plan your getaway with this intention in mind.

To maximize your quality time during a romantic getaway, choose relaxing activities that you and your partner can enjoy together. Is there a spa nearby where you’ve been meaning to go? Booking a few nights at a relaxing resort might be just the thing to put you both in the mood, and a couples’ massage could prove a wonderful opportunity to relax together. Need more inspiration? How about a cooking class or an overnight foodie pilgrimage to a famous restaurant?

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Encourage Collaborative Input


Gauge your relationship. Do you believe it’s better to spring a surprise or to organize something jointly? Designing a trip without keeping your significant other in the loop can be fraught with missteps. Are you positive your partner doesn’t have obligations that will be hard to get out of? Are you sure she/he will be happily surprised with your choice? Are you even certain your partner isn’t orchestrating a surprise for you? If you’re going ahead with a surprise trip, it’s probably wise in most cases to do so with flexible dates in mind. Or, you should at least ask your special someone to keep certain dates free for going away.

Even if you want the trip to be a gift from you to your loved one, it’s still smart to allow some input from them as well. This way, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings or accidentally book a trip to somewhere that neither of you wants to visit. With the right attitude, coming up with a plan as a team might bring the two of you closer – and it could be a romantic gesture in and of itself. Maybe you can go to your favorite local Italian restaurant to chat about going on a vacation to Italy? Or, perhaps you could give your significant other a guidebook for Valentine’s Day with a note explaining how you’d like to create an itinerary together.

Revisiting Somewhere Special


Where did you first meet? Where was your first date? Are you married? If so, where did you get engaged and where was your honeymoon? Of course, there’s something to be said for discovering new things as a couple. But it’s equally important to remember the good times you’ve shared already. Planning your romantic getaway around a destination that’s significant to you two as a couple can be a great way to rekindle the romance in an established relationship. Planning ahead for such a trip would include romantic gestures like booking the exact table at a restaurant where you shared a special meal or maybe staying in the same suite where you spent your honeymoon.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Tell us about your favorite romantic getaway in the comments!

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