If you’re looking for the perfect background to grab a killer selfie, the beach is a safe bet. Between the ocean, the sand, and the wildlife, your Instagram will look like it was snapped by a professional. But how do you pick the perfect beach for that iconic image? We took a look at the most beautiful beaches in the US, and have come up with a comprehensive list of the must-visit spots in the country. So start looking for cheap flight deals, pack your bathing suit, and get ready to amp up your social media presence with a truly jaw-dropping image — no filters required.

Manele Bay – Hawaii

Beach - Island of Lana'i, Hawaii

With a breathtaking view and a plethora of local wildlife that has to be seen to be believed, it’s no wonder that Manele Bay finds its way on to our list. Located on the island of Lana’i, this idyllic spot is known for its pristine beach surrounded by idyllic coves. There’s plenty of tropical fish to add a splash of color to your Instagram posts, and if you’re lucky, a pod of dolphins might just swim by as you pose for a picture!

Clearwater Beach – Florida

Sunset at Clearwater Beach Florida

For remarkably white sand that’s soft beneath your feet and an uninterrupted view of crashing blue waves, Clearwater Beach is the place to be. It’s lined with palm trees, and the water is consistently temperate enough for surfing or just enjoying a refreshing soak. After you’ve had your fill of nature, you can stroll over to Pier 60 to catch some local color — and find the perfect spot for a shot of the spectacular sunset.

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Driftwood Beach – Georgia

Bare oak tree in the Atlantic Ocean from Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia

This sun-soaked spot on Jekyll Island is a fantastic choice for those interested in seriously impressing their Instagram followers. The peaceful beach has some remarkable vistas, and the landscape is dotted with driftwood and trees that make for striking and unconventional beach images. If you want something that will turn heads on social media, Driftwood Beach will provide you with the shot you’ve been looking for.

Coronado Beach – California

Photo of Girl at Coronado Beach, San Diego

You’ll strike gold if you snap an Instagram shot at this hotspot in San Diego — literally. The soft sand of the beach is actually mixed with mica, which lends a golden aura to each step you take (and each image you post on social media). Besides the awe-inspiring visuals of the golden beach against the blue waves, this popular locale has some of the best waves in the area for surfing, boogie-boarding, or jet-skiing. It’s a great choice for the photographer looking for a dramatic and fun action shot for their collection.

Myrtle Beach – South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA city skyline

Looking for a beachside spot that doesn’t skimp on action and excitement? Then get ready to fall in love with Myrtle Beach, which combines natural beauty with tons of fun activities for visitors. The boardwalk is always abuzz with games and rides, and the Ferris wheel provides a stellar view from which to snap some great shots. There are plenty of sensational restaurants in the area as well if you want to break up all those beach photographs with some truly mouth-watering food images.

Ogunquit Beach – Maine

Ogunquit Beach

The beaches of the Northeast don’t get as much attention as their southern counterparts, and that’s a shame when they’re as idyllic and picturesque as Ogunquit Beach in Maine. There are plenty of sandbars you can easily paddle to if you’re looking for a unique shot of the beach, and the dunes look particularly striking as the sun sets in the background. It’s a peaceful spot that’s great for swimming, soaking up the sun, or simply snapping that one perfect Instagram shot.

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  1. David, CLE OH

    I’m from Cleveland Ohio, Lake Erie is up five foot higher than normal with record depth and our beaches are overwhelmed, I just spent a week in Virginia Beach and was very pleasantly surprised at the safety, security, cleanliness of every place I went from 1st to 50th Street and even the beach was very secure and extremely clean, a most enjoyable week for the 4th of July vacation!

  2. Jim

    Please remove Clearwater beach, FL. Between the red tide, bacteria filled bathtub warm water and thousands of tourists I cannot see how this dump makes a top 100 list. And I live here….


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