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The 5 Best Excursions outside of Barcelona. Photo credit: ferlomu
If there was any city I could move to right away, it would definitely be Barcelona. This charming city with a rich culture can be visited over and over again; it simply has so much to offer. One can never get bored of delicious tapas, views of the Mediterranean and historical outlets. If you can, try to get out of Barcelona to these nearby excursions to appreciate the Catalonian region even more.
Those looking for paradise without breaking the budget can look no further than Mallorca. It has the tropical laid back vibe of the Caribbean, but is obviously set in the Spanish lifestyle. You can take a 5-hour ferry from Barcelona, or a short plane ride to this majestic place. You’ll be impressed with historical ruins, beautiful beaches and diversity in the island like no other.
If you want to hit a seaside town, Tarragona is that splendid little place. It’s a place where Roman ruins and Spanish style blend effortlessly. Its main attraction is indeed the UNESCO World Heritage Tarraco; a complex of Roman ruins. It’s the perfect day trip outside of Barcelona if you’re looking to travel and enjoy your time a little more quietly.
Take an hour of your time and hop on the train and go to Girona- an Ancient, beautiful city.  Get lost in the Old and New Town that is a friendly pedestrian zone. No words can explain the beauty of typical European charm, lush hills and views on the riverside. It certainly is a sweet little city with a quirky surprise; a lively club scene when night falls!
When in Barcelona, you’ll probably hear a lot of people talking about Montserrat. It is indeed one of the most popular excursions outside of Barcelona.  This natural wonder is a large group of oddly shaped mountains with a mythical history. This site of the Benedictine abbey and Montserrant sanctuary is “known to be” the location of the Holy Grail according to legends. You don’t have to believe this to appreciate these rock pillars that can indeed be climbed (For those who are valiant enough!)
European history is extremely fascinating; especially when you’ve got a country like Italy who has two countries within it. (Vatican City and San Marino) Many do not know that Spain also has this interesting relationship with Andorra. Located in the mountain range that divides Spain and France, it is the perfect opportunity to visit two countries in one trip! What Spaniards and visitors love best is that the country is tax free, so you can shop till you drop!
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Photo credit: ferlomu

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