Admit it; you’re not always the picture of patience or politeness. How often do you hold that door, give up that seat, or say “please” and “thank you” when ordering a meal?

While we all have momentary lapses in our manners, it seems that people in some places are just a whole lot worse than others when it comes to being good hosts.

Is it possible that rudeness is a cultural trait? In looking to answer that question, Travel and Leisure recently compiled a list of the 20 Rudest Cities in America.

The quasi-scientific survey took several factors into account, including the potential for romance, quality of restaurants, availability of cheap hotels, and the overall attitude of local residents.

While New York City may be the butt of many jokes, it doesn’t top the list time, instead finishing just behind Los Angeles at number two.

While the usual suspects can be found throughout the list (I’m looking at you Philly, D.C., and Chicago), there are a number of surprising appearances (Memphis at number 13 and San Francisco at 14?)

Then there are places where the weather might be seeping into the psyche of the general public, like bitter Anchorage at number 20, stifling Atlanta at number 11, or dreary Seattle at number 16.

Did your hometown or favorite destination make the list? Check out the entire article to find out. 

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