Bumper to bumper traffic expected today for Thanksgiving travel.



Happy Thanksgiving! An estimated 38 million people are expected to have traveled between yesterday and today by air, train, car, and bus. While that number might sound huge, it is indeed way down from just a few years ago. Back in 2005, when the economy was in much better shape, nearly 58 million people ventured to family and friends for the turkey day celebration.


Of the 38 million people that were lucky enough to get away for a long weekend, nearly 33.2 million of them will travel by car. The main reason so many will be putting the pedal to the metal and hitting the road is mainly due to the weak economy. Families are looking to save, save, and save some more this holiday season.


So most people will be making Thanksgiving plans nearby, or simply staying home, in order to not spend so much on their trip before the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season tomorrow.


With only an estimated 2.3 million people expected to travel for the holiday weekend, this is indeed more bad news for the airline industry. Until the economy actually turns around, they will continue to take it on the chin financially. 

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