Smaller islands of Thailand have been greatly effected by lack of tourism


Over the last few years, Thailand has suffered greatly in regards to tourism. Due to the global financial crisis, and a serious threat of swine flu, tourism in Thailand basically came to a standstill, and at the beginning of 2010, with social unrest in Bangkok, the capital was a no-go zone for travelers.


The effects have been devastating for Thailand, a nation used to welcoming over 14 million visitors each year – and supporting a tourism industry that accounts for six to seven percent of its GDP.


Smaller islands and towns rely even more heavily on tourism to meet their basic living costs.
However, the government of Thailand is now supporting decisions to cut hotel prices and lower costs of holiday packages to destinations across the country—and it’s reminding travelers why Thailand has long been a popular destination to visit. 


The Tourism Authority of Thailand has recently announced a new campaign, “Smile” that will play on the country’s long-established image as “The Land of Smiles.”


The campaign targets Bangkok’s most popular travel spots – such as the extensive Siam Square, and the Khao San Road area. Discounts on performances and entertainment will be offered as well. 


Source: The Independent

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