Temporary Lady Gaga Store Opens Up in Barneys New York, Flickr: Domain Barnyard

Will You Buy ‘Gaga’ Products?


Flights to New York and holiday shopping go together hand-in-hand, this year the experience just got Gaga-fied.

Barneys New York has team up with the famous pop star, Lady Gaga, to give a unique retail experience.

The shop, which will only be open until Jan. 2, will feature magnetic dress-up sets, masks and snow globes and much.  The space is 5,500 square feet and divided up in eight sections.

Barneys will donate two percent of the proceeds to Lady Gaga’s charity, The Born This Way Foundation.

What do you think? Will you stop by in hopes of having a ‘Monster’s Ball?’


Source: Telegraph

photo: domain barnyard

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