New iPhone app will allow you to report bad TSA workers


New iPhone app will allow you to report bad TSA workers


Did that security agent at the airport pat you down just a little too much? Want to report him or her? Well there's an app for that.


The new TSA iPhone app, created by Boston's Survey on the Spot, will allow customers that were less than satisfied with their treatment at area airports to report the TSA agent immediately.


Using GPS navigation, the app will be able to recognize what airport the complaint is coming from and allow the TSA to hopefully improve the service at that hub. You can even send a photo if you see something suspicious occurring nearby.


As you know by now, I am not the biggest fan of the TSA. Having had a few bad experiences with rude TSA workers in the past, I can definitely see myself using this great new gadget to inform the higher ups of their bad behavior. Will you use this new app on your next trip to the airport?


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  1. presley

    Hey.. tattle on the overzealous as you question the negligent. I had a very polite, yet tenacious security agent sniff down a minor corkscrew at Heathrow in my carry-on. Dinky thing, but he was on it, and technically correct to take it. Meanwhile, without thinking, I packed a 2 pound can of pumpkin (you don’t need the details) in my bag after Thanksgiving- sailed through Ontario, CA without a raised brow.
    I would be more excited if the app was designed to rat out the incompetent along with the rude.


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