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The Sea Baron is unassuming but impressive


That’s a bold claim, right? The best anything is pretty hard to
believe … especially the best in the world. And, let’s face it: the
world’s best is probably the best on Mars, Venus, and Saturn, too,
particularly for food items. So, when I tell you that Sea Baron has the
best lobster soup in the world, it’s really much greater than that.


it’s true.


Located in Reykjavik,
Iceland, the Sea Baron is famous, inexpensive and tasty – a triple
threat! The restaurant, which isn’t far from Burgerjoint, is probably
the city’s top food attraction. Refreshingly, the notoriety has come
from the fact that Sea Baron delivers an incredible taste and an amazing
experience. Unwarranted hype is noticeably absent. In fact, any sort of
hype is. Sea Baron just delivers fantastic food at an affordable price
(a rarity in Reykjavik). So, extend the savings from your cheap
flights to Reykjavik
into the dining experience, and you’ll be
able to enjoy more!


Head over to the harbor, and you’ll
find the sign for Sea Baron, visible from the street, just ahead of that
for Burgerjoint. Inside, you order at the counter and then take a seat
at one of the long tables (it’s all communal here). There’s free water
in the nearby refrigerated case, if you don’t feel like drinking
Icelandic beer while your food is being prepared.


it’s a relaxing experience … until you take that first bite of lobster
soup. There’s nothing like it.


Here’s the background:
Kjartan Halldórsson, the Sea Baron himself,
started as a fisherman, who later became a chef for the Coast Guard.
From there, he opened a fish shop right on the dock, ultimately taking
his fresh goods into a restaurant. This last step came when some foreign
tourists asked then fishmonger Halldórsson to cook the fish for him.
The rest is history.


Now, about that lobster soup…It
really is the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s just creamy enough to offer
the thick consistency necessary to complement the lobster, but without
tasting like a full bisque (which can overpower the other ingredients).
The soup is served in a large mug with a spoon, and it can be quite
filling (even for me, and I have a substantial appetite).


If you’re
headed to Sea Baron for lunch, a great approach is to have the soup and
share an order of the whale with someone. It’s just the right amount,
and it will be among your most affordable meals in Iceland (with the
exception of the burgers and hot dogs.


The Sea Baron is one of the must-see places in
Iceland – make it your first lunch!


CC Flickr photo credit: Ryan Harvey


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