All around the world, tapas are world renowned for their tiny taste of food and the closeness it brings when shared with others. In Barcelona, it is simply part of Spanish tradition. It’s mainly known as bar food; with the finger grabbing and in-your-face atmosphere it provides. They also come in an array of choices from cold olives to warm prawns. Luckily, when in Barcelona, you can go wild with tapas bars and restaurants.

Maitea: It’s busy, it’s crowded and it’s typically Catalonian in this way. At Maitea, you’ll find the best quality and variety, while living the local life. You can sit at the bar casually with friendly locals or sit with a large group at a traditional table. The restaurant is known for its pintxos with over 100 selections of simple bread tapas with different toppings over them. Some include anchovies, fresh jamon (ham) or Brie with tomato sauce.

Jai-ca: With its prime location in Barceloneta close to the heart and busy harbor life of local Barcelonans, Jai-Ca is a favorite for tapas by locals and tourists. The place became so crowded with visitors that they had to open a second location across the street. It’s cozy, intimate and one of those places you’d imagine in a movie like “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona.” On a warm day, customers typically eat right on the patio. Their best tapas include seafood favorites like mussels and prawns.

El Xampanyet: We’re not even going to try and pronounce the name of this restaurant, so you shouldn’t either. Don’t judge a book by its cover just because you can’t pronounce El Xampanyet, because it truly is a great place to eat tapas on a budget. You always know that a place is good when it is small and crowded with people. The tapas here are more traditional and simple, like cheese, chorizo or patatas bravas- potatoes with a special sauce. Try their unbelievable Cava, native to the region.

Bar del Pla: Take your tapas experience to the next level at Bar del Pla. This is where you go if you want a little more than your typical tapas. You’ve had all the classic local tastes and now you want to upgrade your experience. We’re talking tapas like Beef Tartare, Fresh Octopus and Tripe. They specialize in high quality ingredients to create intricate dishes that are unlike other tapas bars in Barcelona.

La Cova Fumada: Everyone has their favorite place that they always come back to because it serves what you want and exactly how you want it. La Cova Fumada is like a Spanish family table, crowded with locals who are over friendly and always coming back for their favorite dishes. The culinary experience begins already with the sliced grilled bread with garlic mayo that makes your mouth water. It’s the birthplace of the legendary known “bomba,” which is a sort of fried meatball that seems very similar to the Dutch bitterballen.

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