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Unite turns down latest BA deal


Talks broke down yet again between British Airways and its cabin crew Wednesday after union leaders refused the new deal put forth by the company. The deal was described by union reps as "a step too far."  
Some issues with the new deal include the airline's request that the union dismiss all legal claims that might come up from the ongoing battle between the two sides. Also, Unite has turned down BA's contract clause on travel concessions to employees, which as per the new deal would allow the airline to revoke them at any time.  
A Bassa spokesperson commented on the deal: "While there are some good parts within BA's offer…there are many other clauses which we simply as a trade union cannot recommend. We simply cannot be held to ransom."
British Airways disagrees of course with the union and says their latest offer is both "fair and reasonable." Adding that it is the best possible offer they could come up with at this time.  

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