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Union Square


Police officers in New York City vacated part of an apartment building and closed off several streets close to Manhattan’s Union Square after a report of a suspicious car with gas in the back seat was made Thursday night.  Nothing was found in the vehicle though.


NYPD investigators found the owner of the 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera which was parked in front of the Con Edison utility building around 10 pm. The owner told police he had the gas cans in his back seat because he mows lawns for his family. The car was parked where it was because he was attending a concert nearby, police explained.


After a Con Edison employee called 911 to report the vehicle, the bomb squad suited up and began an investigation. Since the incident on May 1 in Times Square, New York City has been on edge.


Several reports have been made since then in regards to suspicious vehicles; however all have been false alarms.


Source: The Associated Press


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