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tips on staying cool this summer (image: wikimedia)
 Stay cool this summer with these tips!


Depending on where you are, the summer season can be a scorcher. Currently, the U.S. northeast is experiencing an unbelievable heat wave. The following are tips to help you stay cool this summer, whether you’re sweatin’ it through the northeast, or you’re somewhere else taking on the heat.


1) Stay hydrated! Always make sure you have a nice big bottle of water with you. Our bodies cool themselves by sweating and when we become dehydrated our natural cooling systems shut down. This can be extremely damaging to our health, so drink lots of water.


2) Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen actually helps to prevent us from overheating. Keep yourself cool and healthy by wearing a high S.P.F.


3) Wear light materials such as cotton and linen. These materials breathe easier than other stifling materials like polyester. Also be sure to wear colors that are light so that you can avoid attracting the sun as much as possible.


4) Take a lukewarm shower. While you may be tempted to take a cold shower in this kind of heat, it’s better to take a semi-cool one instead. When we take cold showers our bodies end up heating up afterward to get back to their normal temperature.


5) Finally, sleep with sheets that breathe easy as well. If you don’t have air-condition use a fan to help circulate the air in the space you’re living.


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