Holiday travel at Philadelphia Airport

 Travelers reveal their plans for the holiday and winter travel season


Although a weak economy has been bad news for the travel
industry, a new survey suggests that many people are still planning to take a
trip in the coming months…but just not that far. According to Deloitte, nearly half of the 2,000
people that they surveyed do in fact plan to pack their bags and get away this
holiday and winter season. An impressive 45 percent of consumers plan to book
an overnight stay at a hotel, motel, resort or similar lodging facility.


addition, the survey revealed that 18 percent plan to book an overnight stay at a lodging
facility during the Thanksgiving week and weekend, 22 percent plan to book an overnight stay at a lodging
facility during December through New Year's Day, and 32 percent plan to book an overnight stay at a lodging
facility after New Year's Day through March.


When asked to compare their upcoming travel plans with their
travel plans from just one year ago, 45 percent plan to take the same amount of trips this year
as they did last year involving an overnight stay at a lodging facility, 25 percent plan to take more trips, and 28 percent said they will take fewer trips.


The survey suggests that while still flying the friendly
skies and booking hotel rooms, a whopping 64 percent said that they are “cost-conscious”
when traveling. About 35 percent will spend less on travel, 37 percent will
spend the same, and 27 percent will spend more. The travelers that plan to
spend less included mostly younger people, lower income earners, and individuals
with children in the household.


International travel among U.S.
consumers looks to be bleak over the next few months. While a strong 70 percent
plan to visit another U.S.
city/state, only 16 percent will venture to a foreign country.


Source PR Newswire and picture courtesy of Flickr member fayemurman



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  1. Marcus

    I plan to travel the same as last year, but will definitely cut corners to save some cash. Airline tickets are just more affordable now than they were12 months ago. For the first time in five years I can afford to go away for Thanksgiving AND Christmas!


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