Business class travel Could adult only flights become a possibility in the future? If business travelers get their way it could. That's because a recent poll revealed business class passengers would use a major airline that offered flights minus children on board. 


According to a Reuters report,  journalist Dave Richardson is trying to get airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates to check out the survey results and make it a reality.


Richardson envisions planes that seperate families into their own area and "quiet cabins" for childless travelers.  The article notes trains in the United States and United Kingdom already have this idea in place.


So far Virgin Atlantic has come out against the idea, calling it a big mistake. Other travel experts have called the idea unethical and a dangerous step that could lead to other passengers someday being targeted.  


The results of the survey revealed that 75% of business travelers were annoyed by children onboard, with 15% wanting business class and economy class to be more seperate than it already is now.  Nearly 18% of business travelers were bothered by the complimentary upgrades some economy class passengers received.


What do you think of adult only flights? Long overdue or a step in the wrong direction. Leave a comment below.


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  1. coop travel

    I like the idea too. Why not have the same flexibility you have with hotels? You can book a 4 star business class (no kids) or a holiday inn express (budget, families!). I’m not anti-children, I actually take both kinds of trips. It’s just when you are on a romantic trip for two, having your head bounce on the seat the whole way from the uncontrolled child behind you is completely frustrating.


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