Micah Strachan, a nine-year-old British schoolboy, had his surprise Disney World vacation ruined after US authorities denied his visa request and deemed him a security threat.

Micah’s grandparents, who were born in South Africa, planned the entire itinerary for the trip and spent more than £1,500 on plane tickets before they heard the awful news.

They hadn’t planned on telling Micah about the surprise trip until they left for the airport. But Micah, who has a South African passport, had his visa request denied because he was deemed a threat.

His rejection letter stated, "Because you either did not demonstrate strong ties outside the United States or were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the US would be consistent with the visa status, you are ineligible."

Kathy and Edward Francis, Micah’s grandparents, said they included a letter from his school in the visa application confirming that he lived and studied in England.

They are now pleading with US authorities to have a change of heart. They have even written letters to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the incident.   

Source: The Telegraph

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