Dallas Fort Worth International Airport


Big day for Big D traffic


Planning on flying from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport today? You better get their early. According to officials at DFW, travelers should show up at least three hours before their flight takes off as a record number of people are expected to fly from the airport the day after the Super Bowl. 


Thousands of people arrived over the last week, but unfortunately they all want to get out of town the next day, which will make for one big "Super" traffic jam. DFW is expecting an additional 40,000 people to fly from the airport today, which is added to the normal 200,000 that often take off from the airport on a Monday.


The combination of business travelers and sports travelers should make for just a lovely flying experience for many today in the Big D.  Early Monday morning, most flights were leaving on time with some delays expected later in the day. 




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