Super Bowl XLV

The Big Game is this Sunday!


Certainly you've heard of and probably even participated in many different methods of predicting the Super Bowl. A coin toss, picking the city you live nearest to, your favorite color, and so on. However, here at CheapOair, we have our own method of picking the Super Bowl. We took a close look at both Green Bay and Pittsburgh from a traveler's perspective, as we weighed the two cities to see which team will come out on top.


Food: This one goes down to the wire. Of course with Green Bay, you've got the cheese state. You just don't live in Wisconsin and not like cheese. However, some of America's most iconic food brands come from Pittsburgh, including Heinz Ketchup and Klondike Bars (Cue music-”What would you doooooo, for a Klondike Bar”). While Pittsburgh's sandwiches are can't miss, Green Bay's cheese is so versatile. I mean we're talking cheese and beer soup. Winner: Green Bay


Nightlife: As a much smaller, cozy town, Green Bay has no shortage of “watering holes”. These are the places you won't find doing an Internet search, but only find by asking other locals. Whatever you do, don't walk into a bar wearing a Bears jersey. In Pittsburgh, the city comes alive when the sun goes down. Pittsburgh offers a diverse nightlife, which ranges from small pubs to nightclubs to wine bars to jazz clubs. This one is a runaway. Winner: Pittsburgh


Attractions: The Packers are an attraction in and of itself in Green Bay, as visitors can get a grand tour of the stadium during the off-season. Other popular attractions include the National Railroad Museum. Pittsburgh is highlighted by beautiful architecture and history, which comes out in many of the city's museums, which include the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which is one of the world's best natural history museums. Winner: Pittsburgh


Sports: When it comes to professional sports there is the Green Bay Packers and….the Green Bay Packers. Some locals may also make an argument for ice fishing. In Pittsburgh, the city offers several professional sports' teams. In addition to the NFL's Steelers, there's MLB's Pittsburgh Pirates and the renowned Penguins NHL team. Winner: Pittsburgh


Famous Natives: It's no surprise that most of Green Bay's notable natives are tied to the NFL. Other notable figures include Alfred Lawson, who is credited as inventing the airliner and James Mulva, CEO of ConocoPhillips. Michael Keaton, Dennis Miller, Mr. Rogers, Andy Warhol, and Christina Aguilera are just a few of the long list of notable people who grew up in Pittsburgh. Winner: Pittsburgh


As our predictions show, it's shaping up for a blow out in Dallas. However, we can not be held responsible if Pittsburgh is laid to waste by Green Bay come Sunday.


What are your predictions for this year's Super Bowl?

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