Summer Travel and Finding the Perfect Carry-On BagCarry-on bags for airlines come in all shapes, all sizes and all styles. From the light, wheeled variety to the backpack, today luggage manufacturers have delved deeper into the world of carry-ons to create a multitude of options for travelers. Not sure what is the perfect carry-on for you? We break it down:

The Carry-On as the Suitcase: Try the IT-01. Aside from the fact that it is currently the lightest upright piece of luggage on the market (weighing in at a mere 3.7 pounds empty), this little guy is durable. The strong bags are made from an aircraft grade fiber glass frame and high-density polyester. It's small, but for those traveling to warm-weather climates or those with little need to pack more than a few days’ worth of clothing, it  is perfect. Easy to maneuver, easy to load and easy on the eyes, the IT-0-1 is a fantastic option for those who don't want to be weighed down with bulky carry-ons.

The Pain-Free Carry-On: A bag with a built-in "air bladder?" Yes. The AirBac, using a patented technology, effectively removes the weight piled into this backpack from your shoulders and spine, letting it rest on the waist instead. It looks like a typical backpack, but this pack really does its job. While people will still feel the load, it does remove the stress of the weight from the areas most backpacks effect on the body. Try the brand's Journey design, loaded with pockets and padded areas to safely transport those electronic devices.

The Stylish Carry-On: Quilted design. Bright, bold colors. Fun patterns. That's Vera Bradley in a nutshell. This designer has extended the brand beyond the luggage world, but still remains a stronghold for selling trendy bags to the traveling community. There are plenty of options for carry-ons in the world of Vera Bradley. For those on quick travel, try the Weekender. It has four interior and two exterior pockets, plus a zippered back pocket for ample packing. Plus, it’s really cute and feminine for those looking for something that is durable, yet delicate.

The Secure Carry-On: PacSafe has long been synonymous in the travel world for its anti-theft technology. It offers a variety of carry-on options, including the Citysafe 400GII which will come out in a new color in August. This anti-theft hobo bag combines a bit of style with superior anti-theft technology. It’s got an adjustable strap allowing for the bag to go from the shoulder to across the body; slash proof panels; padding to protect computers and cameras; and RFID technology to prevent identity theft.

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