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Summer Festivals in San Jose del Cabo. Photo Credit: Jasperdo
San Jose del Cabo may be a small town with an intimate vibe but it also has its fair share of festivities and parties (it IS Mexico, after all). But if you’re able to score cheap tickets to San Jose del Cabo, we’ve got some festivals that you may want to check out this summer:
Fishing Tournament
Many people come to Baja to fish, and not surprisingly, there’s a fishing tournament at the end of July to whet your appetite and for you to catch your dinner. The Bisbee’s East Cape Fishing Tournament runs from July 23- July 27 and is held at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, and anglers come from all over the world to compete for over $300,000 in prizes. Visit . Tip: Try your luck at getting billfish, which are especially popular here.
Festival of St. James
This festival is credited to St. James, the Apostle who brought Catholicism to Mexico. Since he was always on a white horse, the festival is full of riders mounted on white horses in parades, and reenactments of minor battles. This occurs on July 25 in downtown Los Cabos.
Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary
Occurring on August 15, this festival is filled with floats, carnivals and processions to celebrate Virgin Mary’s ascent to Heaven. Locals take their fiestas seriously, so expect restaurants preparing special menus and offering discounts.
The major festival in San Jose del Cabo actually occurs in March: the Feria de San Jose del Cabo brings together musicians, dancers, chefs and more to provide entertainment and merriment on March 19 (technically, this is the feast of the city’s patron saint). If you’re in town for any of these festivals, be sure to check out its tiny but authentic art district.
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Photo Credit: Jasperdo 

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