A study
suggests crowded airports like Heathrow could do more to maximize the 
number of passenger each year (Flickr: tanjila)
European airports could do more to maximize the number of annual travelers


A recent study ordered by the European Commission has found that inefficient slot management is a leading factor in limiting the amount of passengers traveling through Europe’s busiest airports.


In fact, the report concluded that even without expanding facilities, Europe’s top airports could handle 28 million more passengers annually with better planning and more efficient use of slots for takeoffs and landings.


European Union Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said he plans to issue new legislation to ensure that airports are maximizing their available resources to handle more passengers and increase competition between airlines.


While a new slot assignment system would not necessarily increase capacity at airports, it would ensure that the available space is used to its full potential.


Source: The Guardian

Flickr: tanjila

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