168 passengers were briefly removed from the flight (Image: Wikimedia)
All 168 passengers were briefly removed from the flight


Spanish police removed 100 students from a Ryanair flight in the Canary Islands this weekend after they staged a mutiny over a bag fee imposed on a fellow passenger.


Spanish officials said the flight was about to depart from Lanzarote airport when one of the pilots called for police assistance.


The incident apparently started when a passenger was asked to pay an additional bag fee for an oversized piece of luggage.


Other passengers already on board jumped to the defense of the traveler and as more people joined in, the situation quickly got out of hand.


Police briefly removed all 168 passengers on board before clearing 64 travelers to re-board the flight.


The rest were asked to find seats on other carriers or spend the night at the airport.


The BBC reported that nearly 70 students from the University of Brussels were still stuck at Lanzarote airport Sunday night. 


Source: USA Today

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  1. John

    I don’t get why people complain, when the flights are still cheap. Just because they nickel and dime you, at least the flights are way cheaper than here in the US! I challenge you to find a $20 flight anywhere in the US on a consistent basis. You get what you pay for!


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