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Street Food at its Best!


For a total East End immersion deep in the depths of the ever up and coming London borough of Hackney, it would be wise to consider going for a ramble round Chatsworth Road’s street market where not only can you pick up your weekly groceries (from top end delicacies to rock bottom priced sun-dries) and shop for some vintage hipster threads (from both charity shops and fashionable boutiques) but also to join the “Kim Chi Cult” and down a kim chi burger, sample a savoury sweet potato burrito and even learn how to break dance.

Relatively new to London’s amazing street market scene, Chatsworth Road Market runs every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. And whether the market’s on or not, Chatsworth Road is well worth a visit in and of itself. Offering a view of London life that’s becoming increasingly more difficult to happen upon, you’ll find no corporate coffeehouses or big brand retail outlets here. Instead, a very healthy and kind of quirky assortment of thriving locally owned businesses line the characterful street.

Upscale delis and fair-trade cafes sit comfortably beside discount variety stores and Caribbean eateries with bookshops, toy stores and more assuring this street is a great family destination. Inevitable gentrification? Maybe, but from the throngs of all types of locals taking to the street, the reinvigoration of Chatsworth Road appears to be a welcome and lasting change for the better.

Of course, Sunday is still the best day of the week to pop round if you’re hoping to experience the street when it’s all abuzz and activity is at its fullest. During the Sunday market, there will be lots more opportunities for people watching, finding an assortment of unique souvenirs and sampling some great street food for lunch.

Home made cakes and baked goods, baby clothes, jewellery … you name it. If there’s a foodie concept or specialty craft, there’s a very good chance it’s for sale at a reasonable price at this fun market. From the songs spilling out on the street from the local Methodist church, to the calls of old school and nouveau hawkers, Sundays on Chatsworth Road are an evocative blend of tradition and trend and are without a doubt 100% London.

The nearby Millfields Park and Hackney Marshes allow for an easy retreat off the pavement with trails along the Lea River teeming with houseboats and waterfowl providing great picnic spots as well as a pleasant way to stroll to the London 2012 Olympics Park.

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