Street Market Focus: Chapel Market, IMG Cred: Chris Osburn

Smell the Roses at The Chapel Market


Located in the heart of the Central London borough of Islington and just a short walk from Angel Tube Station, Chapel Market street market is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The market’s location is on a street of the same name between Liverpool Road and Penton Street. It is the largest street market in Islington and one of the most traditional in London. Both the market and the street exude old school working class charm. Still, all the creature comforts and conveniences of 21st century Britain are at hand, three supermarkets, “high street” retailers such as the Gap, a multi-screened cinema and lots of specialty shops and boutiques are all but a jaunt away.

Chapel Market is mainly, but not exclusively, a food market. If you’re looking for a quick inexpensive bite for takeaway, fresh fruit and veg, meat and fish or any and all sorts of sundries – along with a substantial dose of character the likes of which you’re not apt to find on, say, Oxford Street – make a b-line for this daily market! An excellent time to visit is on Sunday when the decade strong Islington Farmers’ Market is held here in conjunction with the regular daily market. The Islington Farmers’ Market is London’s first ever and most established farmers’ market and takes place on Chapel Market between Baron Street and Penton Street.
As a non-local coming to the market, a lunchtime visit is probably your best bet for checking out the scene. The massive offerings from the “designer burgers” stall are highly recommended. For a bit of spice, try the Asian Grocery, Thai-An, just off Chapel Market on the tiny White Conduit Street. And for a real taste of English tradition, have some pie and mash at M Manze’s, located on the street since the early 1900s.
Beyond those recs, there are plenty of pubs, shops, eateries, cafés and vendors to suit everyone’s needs, whether you’re running daily errands or looking for some off the beaten path sightseeing. Aside from the impressive array of food and nearby eateries, Chapel Market offers a chance to pick up lots of practical household items and gifts along with flowers, clothing, music and more. And even if you don’t part with any of your pennies here, you’ve find it’s as atmospheric as London gets and representative of the cosmopolitan nature of London past and present.
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Photo: Chris Osburn

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