Seattle Gum Wall; Flickr, Mark Fischer
Don't miss all that Strange Seattle has to offer!
You wouldn't think there was anything strange about a coastal seaport city located on the Western tip of the United States. It's a city known for music, coffee and sometimes abysmal weather. Every city may have its quirky attractions or hidden legends, but did you know that Seattle is also known as the strange city? Strange Seattle got its nickname from a variety of attractions and sights that all give you another reason to take a trip to the west coast. Plus, whether you're visiting Seattle from the opposite coast or maybe just a few hours away, get there on a budget with flights on CheapOair!
Fremont Solstice Celebration
Who doesn't like a finding a little culture and tradition in a new city? When in Seattle, look out for the Fremont Solstice Celebration. Started in the late 80s by two Seattleites, and now sponsored by the Fremont Art Council, the parade now attracts thousands of visitors and hundreds of participants. This over-the-top festival features colorful dancers, floats and displays. What makes it strange and infamous are the Solstice Cyclists who paint their bodies and ride their bikes naked to open the parade. There is even a ban on logos and advertisements to promote public art and freedom of speech.
The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
An excellent way to get to know a city when you're traveling is to check out local newspapers or magazines. Get familiar with strange Seattle by picking up "The Stranger," nicknamed "Seattle's only newspaper." We're sure there are other newspapers; this is mainly an alternative/tabloid style newspaper. The Stranger truly reflects the culture and vibe of Seattle with excellent editorials, information on the arts in Seattle and your local guides to what's going on in the city. The paper even won a Pulitzer Prize for a featured article.
Pike Place Market Gum Wall
Pike Place Market is usually on the top of tourists lists for many reasons. It is the location of the first, and it is an excellent place for foodies or those who want to experience typical Seattle. One strange place to visit is the Pike Place Market Gum Wall. This is a historical landmark that literally is nothing but a wall full of used gum. This random site is loved and appreciated by Seattleites and visitors are encouraged to continue the tradition and to "add your mark"  We only wish we knew kind of gum is most frequently used on this wall!
Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
Ever had difficulties trying to find a souvenir that is odd and quirky? Look no further than Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, a store that sells lots of oddities. This souvenir shop dates back to 1899 and always kept to its name by selling a random mix of items. The original owner collected and sold anything and everything that came his way. Featured items include shrunken head replicas, dollar origami and fake celebrity IDs. (We are loving the McLovin ID from The Hangover).
Spooked in Seattle and the Death Museum
Hold on to your socks and bring an open mind to Spooked in Seattle. There are many "haunted" locations in the United States, and one that is typical is of course Seattle. This informative tour takes you on a journey through Seattle's quirky history and to areas that are known to be haunted. These tours are led by real ghost hunters who display evidence of paranormal activity and it is truly up to you to decide whether or not you believe it. If you're not freaked out enough, take a trip to the upcoming Death Museum, a part of the organization that includes displays and topics about everything associated with death.
photo credit: Flickr, Mark Fischer 

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