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"Apple macalicious birthday cake," Flickr photo credit: pingiwingi
#GeekCakes will help raise money to fight cancer in the UK


If there’s one thing tech geeks love more than Apple, it’s got to be apple pie. A new pop-up bakery in London is hoping to take advantage of the public’s widespread affinity for both, all in the name of a good cause.


The appropriately named Megabites Bakery will open Wednesday, November 9 (for one day only) at The Hospital Club in central London. The bakery will sell Steve Jobs portrait cookies, Apple pies, small cakes shaped like iPhones, and a variety of larger 3D cakes.


Proceeds will help raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer UK charity efforts. More details on the venue can be found at You can also join in the fetivities on Twitter by following the #GeekCakes hash tag.


Source: CNET

Flickr photo credit: pingiwingi

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