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Staying fit is more than just looking good in a bathing suit. The summer season is usually a hit or miss for folks trying to look their best, we’re either ready to flaunt our stuff or trying to shed some pounds. And when in NYC, it’s easy to indulge in dollar pizza, late night drinks and lazy taxi rides back home. Don’t fret; this city is also filled with healthy alternatives to get you back on track!

What isn't healthier than a fresh smoothie or juiced beverage? Don’t you dare get a smoothie from McDonalds; get the real deal at Liquiteria!  Since 1996, these folks have been creating savory concoctions to fuel our body with essential vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and veggies. You can select from their extensive menu, create your own beverage or grab a to-go pre-made bottle. Get healthy with choices like "The Skinny" to help you burn fat and there is even a "Hangover Cure" to help you digest better and detox after slipping up last night!

Shape Up NYC
Who says you can't find anything free in NYC? They say the same about not finding cheap tickets to NYC, but both myths can be debunked! Get your fitness on at Shape Up NYC; where traveling doesn't have to mean sacrificing your dedication to burn calories while on vacation. Sponsored by the City of NY Parks & Recreation, this excellent program offers FREE fitness classes all around the 5 boroughs. Imagine getting your Zumba on after too many Magnolia cupcakes? There are a variety of classes from aerobics to weight training to even dance classes. Our favorite is yoga on the park for the ultimate NYC Zen experience.
Farmer’s Markets
Face it: French fries do not count as vegetables. Once the reality sets in and you want to opt for more wholesome fruits and veggies in your diet, why not go right to the sources? Farmer's Market's specialize in fresh goods straight from the source to the customer, without the filler of the supermarket. Get everything from cucumbers to basil and even locally grass fed beef! There's no excuse to not go green in NTC with an abundance of Farmer’s market all around the city and especially at tourist points. (City Hall, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Union Square, NY Botanical Garden)

Go Green Organic Spa
Ahh, after all of those late night happy hours, who wouldn't want a detoxing massage experience to recover? There may be lots of spas in NYC, but none like GoGreen Organic Spa. They only use organic and high quality items to preserve the environment. And by the sounds of their treatments, you really are treating your body good with specialties like the Purity detox facial to not only remove face gunk, bvut to eliminate toxins. You can even get regular beauty treatments done organic style, like waxing services. Being good to your body and the environment is surely the way to go to keep healthy in NYC.

Citi Bikes
We all know and love the useful NYC subway, but there are a few cons. In the summertime, it feels like an oven and is so overcrowded, you’ll feel like a health code violation is being broken. Get to where you need to go with Citi Bike; the new bike share program connecting New Yorkers (And tourists) to bikes 24/7/365. You can purchase a 24-hour or 7-day access pass which allows you to ride unlimited for 30 minutes at a time; ensuring that other riders can get a bike. There are 600 locations; mostly in the lower half of Manhattan and Brooklyn for now. This is excellent to keep fit, sight-see and enjoy a cool breeze at the same time!
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