Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones with a Tap Tap Bracelet. Photo credit Mashable via Woodenshark
How do you tell your loved one that you love them? That you miss them? If you’re close, you’d take their hand or touch their necks. But what about if you two are separated? The process is longer. You open up a phone, enter your password, open your messaging software, type the message, and finally, hit send. It’s unsatisfying, impersonal, and pixels don’t offer much in the way of conveying emotions. 
Enter TapTap – a different take on romantic jewelry. 
Woodenshark has devised a wristband that lets couples communicate without a screen. Instead, TapTap uses touch. One user taps the bracelet and the other feels it vibrate immediately, no matter how many miles separate them. It eliminates the unnecessary steps when all you want to say is “I miss you.” 
For just $130, buyers receive a pair of vibrating bracelets with a battery life of;up to 7 days
The wristband works similarly to a pager. A capacitive sensor and accelerometer sense the taps coming through from the other end. Plus, it includes LED lights to let users know when the battery runs low or a taps has been missed. Even better, the wristband comes with interchangeable colors and patterns. 
Although the founder of Woodenshark, Dmitry Gorilovsky, told Mashable that the technology targets couples, there are some profound alternative uses. Friends and family can use the bracelets to create their own language and conversations. Tap once for “hello,” tap two for “check your phone,” etc.
Not to get ahead of ourselves, but these could be transformative in disaster-prone areas. Lost individuals can use the bracelet to communicate with their loved ones that they’re safe and sound. 
Photo credit: Mashable via Woodenshark 
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