Starbucks Bathrooms in New York Close Door to Public, Flickr: Adrien Guenette

 Time to Seek Refuge Elsewhere


It’s always good to know where the closest facility is…and it’s usually the Starbucks bathroom because they’re on every other block.


Times are changing.

The coffee chain is converting its public restrooms into employee only bathrooms in New York. The move is being made because Starbucks workers have to use the same bathroom as the public.  It causes outrage when the employees skip the line.

What does that mean for people with flights to New York? Well if you find yourself having an ‘emergency’ after a long day of shopping and see the sites, you might want to try your luck at big Starbucks branch.

According to the Daily Mail report, in New York, any place that serves food with more than 19 seats must have a bathroom available for the public.

The odds are against you though.

Most Starbucks have less than 20 seats.


Photo: Adrien Guenette

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