This blog post was updated on April 9, 2020.

Airport mobile apps can be an overlooked resource for travel planning and right on cue Stansted Airport has introduced an Android app to supplement its recently updated travel app for iPhone users.

So if you are passing through the London area’s third-most-frequented airport, both the Android and iPhone apps may have a bunch of features worth checking out.

If you’ve ever flown into any of the London-area airports, you’ll know it can be a challenge getting into the city or connecting from the city to various parts of the UK.

Stansted’s apps provide information on various transportation options from your iPhone or Android device.

The apps provide information on car rentals, taxis, and coach and bus services into London and beyond.

In addition, the apps advise about train times anywhere in the country as well as delays or closings in the London tube.

And, if your friends or relatives are coming to pick you up at the airport or you are driving to the airport to pick someone else up, the apps provide the ability to reserve your parking in the airport’s parking lots.

You may need a little translation service if you are an American using the app, however.

“Car hire” options refer to renting a car.

And, “car parks” aren’t like a Wild Safari car ride through Great Adventure or some other animal refuge, but refer merely to parking lots.

No big deal, though.

Regarding in-airport services, the Stansted apps provide information about flight departure and arrival times; airlines and their destinations; and a guide for eating and shopping in the terminals.


You can’t  book flights on this travel app.

There are also scrolling terminal maps accessible in the apps.

And, for the budget conscious among you, the Stansted Airport apps provide vouchers and other offers to cash in on deals in the terminals.

Everyone’s seemingly looking for a deal — even with smartphones at Stansted Airport.

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