Spring has a way of invigorating us, emerging from the bleak, cold winter to spread its sunshine and warmth upon us. For this reason it’s a popular time to travel, with pleasant temperatures and daylight once again lasting past early evening. Nature too, recognizes this primal shift, with flowers forcing their way upward, and bare boughs coating themselves with greenery to soak up the rays.

So this spring, why not make like the trees, and leave! (groan)

To give you a taste of spring, we’ve handpicked some of the planets top public gardens to view in springtime, and what makes these gardens even more enjoyable is—you don’t have to maintain them!

So, put away your trowel for a few minutes, and let’s go gardening.

Soak It Up at the Villa D’Este Gardens

Tivoli, Rome, Italy

dimbar76 / Shutterstock

dimbar76 / Shutterstock

These magnificent Renaissance style gardens have it all! With pristine lawns, a mosaic detailed grotto, and imposing sculptures, not to mention the amazing water features that steal the show. Dancing water flumes delight at the Neptune Fountain, whilst gargoyles gurgle along the length of the famed One Hundred Fountain display. The Water Organ, powered only by water and air, is not only a technical marvel, but a sight and sound to behold.

Visit the Palace that perches atop the property, and gaze down over this terraced masterpiece, and the valley beyond! Hunt for Pegasus in the Oval Fountain display, or watch the owl terrorize the bronze birds on the water driven Owl Fountain! These gardens can be serene, but also powerful—the roar from the Neptune fountains complex can be deafening, with water peaking at almost 80 feet above you!

Have a Blooming Good Time at the National Cherry Blossom Festival

Washington, D.C.

Orhan Cam / Shutterstock

Orhan Cam / Shutterstock

Head down to our nation’s capital, for some spring fun with a capital ‘C’ for cherry!

March and April are the months when Washington D.C. explodes with cherry blossom at the appropriately named National Cherry Blossom Festival! Each year, more than a million blossom hunting visitors descend upon D.C. intent on catching the peak bloom somewhere between March 20, and April 17. The Yoshino Cherry trees, a gift from the Mayor of Tokyo, date back to 1912 and surround the Tidal Basin. When over 70% of the buds are deemed to be open, the National Park Service declares—peak bloom!

An online service exists that attempts to predict the notoriously unpredictable behavior of the blossom, with tentative dates appearing at the start of March, and not surprisingly, becoming more accurate as the days progress. Whenever the bloom happens, try to be there, as the image of pink and white blossom on over 3500 trees in this setting is simply unforgettable!

Tiptoe Through the Tulips in Keukenhof Gardens

Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens

Nothing says spring like tulips!

With over 800 different varieties of tulip on display in an amazingly crafted 79 acres of land, the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands is a spring treat. Spring bloom estimates of around 7 million bulbs will give you an idea of the scale of this spectacle, but won’t fully do it justice. This park you have to see to believe, and it’s not just tulips!

The Garden of Europe, as it is often known, has mesmerized Royal Dignitaries and the rest of us for centuries. Located southwest of Amsterdam in the small picturesque town of Lisse, the gardens are open to the public from mid-March to mid-May, with displays reaching their colorful peak in April.

Admire Orchids at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Georgia, USA

Lawrence Jackson / Shutterstock

Commune with nature in truly exotic style when you visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens display, Orchid Daze.

This wonderful Atlanta facility bursts into life with springs arrival, bringing thousands of fascinating and unusual orchid blooms to life, within the largest orchid center in the U.S. With imaginative and creative displays, each spring is a unique work of art. 2016’s exhibit showcases the balance between the delicate petal, and the sturdy branches upon which orchids grow.

Before you leave, take a walk around the many gardens, you may be surprised at what else you find!

Get in Shape at the Eyrignac Manor Gardens

Dordogne, France

Pack-Shot / Shutterstock

Pack-Shot / Shutterstock

Nestled in the southwest of France, the plentiful Dordogne area lies between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees mountain range, and offers a seemingly endless supply of castles and scenery. Famed for it’s topiary, the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes, the Eyrignac Manor has displays perfect for those who like a little order in their gardens.

The meticulously trimmed bushes in shapes ranging from spirals, arabesques, box cones, and more, line this breathtaking property, may make you dash to your shed to sharpen those rusty old shears when you get home! The French Garden combines shapes with brightly colored sand and seasonal spring blooms, for the ultimate ornate look, whilst the Kitchen Garden, and the Flower Garden follow a somewhat less regimented style, with bunches of veggies and roses vying for your attention.

Have we planted any travel seeds in your mind? Are you already planning an awesome escape? Let us know where you’re heading this spring in the comments section below.

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