According to statistics from 2016, U.S. travelers embarked on 458.9 million business trips that year — a figure that’s expected to rise to 478.2 million by 2020. But whether you travel for business or pleasure, it’s likely you’ll want to stay within your budget. That’s why so many people choose to purchase Spirit Airlines tickets when they travel. While this airline typically provides the basics, that’s appealing to many customers because they don’t have to pay for perks they don’t actually want or use.

Still, some budget-conscious travelers have felt like they have to choose between cost and convenience when booking their flights. Now, they may not have to feel like they’re missing out when they make their Spirit Airlines reservations. That’s right: this carrier will soon offer in-flight WiFi.

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This is a totally new venture for the low-cost carrier, as Spirit is well-known for its lack of bells and whistles. That’s fine by many passengers since many of them would rather pay an unbeatable ticket price instead of getting a “free” carry-on bag or being treated to snacks on board. But the carrier is now changing its tune a bit, as they’ve announced that WiFi service will be installed on their entire fleet of planes — an addition that’s expected to be completed by next summer.

While WiFi on major carriers like JetBlue, United, and American is relatively commonplace, it’s pretty much unheard of on low-cost carriers. Frontier Airlines tickets, for instance, don’t come with in-flight WiFi — a fact Spirit is hoping will set them apart. And while free WiFi access won’t be available to those who make Spirit Airlines reservations, the cost of getting online up in the air will be pretty reasonable. Spirit says that passengers will pay an average of $6.50 to use their WiFi while on board, though prices could vary due to demand and the route chosen. The airline also adds that their work with Thales Group should allow them to make their internet speeds even faster by 2021, thanks to a new satellite being built by the provider.

Man is listening to music in headphones and chatting in social network via mobile phone, during his flying in an airplane.

Since the cost of WiFi isn’t being built into ticket prices, those travelers who make Spirit Airlines reservations specifically to save money can breathe a sigh of relief. But soon, passengers who might have otherwise dismissed the idea of flying with Spirit due to its lack of technological accommodations may change their minds and save some cash in the process.

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