Spirit Airlines to charge for carry-on bags


In a first for the airline industry, Spirit Airlines said Tuesday that they plan to charge passengers for carry-on luggage. You read that correctly, carry-on will now come at a cost for Spirit customers.


Beginning on and after August 1, it will cost $45 for a passenger to bring along a carry-on bag and $30 if they register it ahead of time online or via phone. If you're a member of the Spirit $9 Club, then your baggage fee will $20.


The low-cost carrier also jacked up the price of a second checked-bag from $25 to $45, but their first checked-bag fee will remain at $25. Spirit defended their new policy by stating it will help lower airfare.


It will not surprise me if more airlines follow Spirit into this new way of making more money from passengers. What do you think of Spirits new charging for carry-on policy?


Source: Market Watch

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