Spirit defends new carry-on luggage fee


Spirit Airlines has been in the news this week over debuting their new carry-on luggage fee. While the low-cost carrier has been reporting everything is going smooth with little customer complaint, media outlets have even interviewed angry customers that were not pleased with paying for something every other airline has for free.


If that is not bad enough, now Spirit Chief Executive Officer Ben Baldanza told ABC News this week that he is not against adding more fees in the near future. One that he mentioned to the news was charging customers to talk to a Spirit staffer at the airport.


Baldanza already charges customers when they book a ticket over the phone, but he would like to eventually add kiosks at terminals to provide services that are already being provided by workers.


Commenting on the idea, Baldanza said: "When talking to a human being becomes an option, rather than a
necessity, then we're willing to charge for it — as we do with the
call center — but we're not at that position in the airports today…
It's not that we don't think it's not a good idea at some point."


Baldanza strongly believes the carry-on fee will be a success, keep down fares and make boarding much faster for passengers. What do you think of the new controversial surcharge and the possibility of paying to talk to a human?



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