Souvenir Shopping Guide to Amsterdam

Souvenir Shopping in Amsterdam is Easier Than You Think


Locals of The Netherlands tend to say: “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.” And the same could easily go for souvenir shopping. Visiting the capital of the small low-lands country, Amsterdam offers many souvenir shops the minute you arrive into the city off an Amsterdam flight. With so many cultural icons that the Dutch are notorious for, it makes souvenir shopping in Amsterdam a lot easier than you’d think.
Dutch Cheese: Perhaps it is the mass consumption of Dutch cheese that makes these natives so tall, but luckily this Dutch treat is also very tasty. The Dutch have been making cheese since 400 AD which nowadays not only makes them one of the largest exporters of cheese, but an identity for having delicious cheese. If you’re lucky enough to visit the cheese markets, you’ll have plenty of options. Nonetheless, the city of Amsterdam features smaller shops where you can find the famous varieties of Gouda and Edam.
Stroopwafels: Hard to pronounce but easy to eat, stroopwafels are the little known delicacy of the Dutch. Native to the city of Gouda, a stroopwafel is a waffle made of two think layers of batter filled with caramel-like syrup. These sweet treats are found all over Amsterdam; with a fresher variety that can be found at supermarkets or bakeries. These go great with coffee, tea or just when you’re in the mood for a quick snack.
Delft Blue: Similar to porcelain pottery of the Chinese, Delftware is native to the city of Delft located in The Netherlands. It’s easy to make a quick trip to Delft, but you can also find Delft blue in Amsterdam. Ironically, Delft pottery and Chinese porcelain are indeed related due to late 16th century trades. Some famous souvenirs include the kissing Dutch couple, name plates and of course, a Dutch cow.
Tulip Bulbs: If you happen to be visiting The Netherlands in the springtime, you’ll be greeted by the wonderful opportunities to watch the tulips bloom. Though it was indeed a Turkish import, The Netherlands is known for its gorgeous, simple tulip. Little did we know in the 15th century, tulip mania was so rampant that a variety of a tulip could cost more than a house in Amsterdam. Luckily, in our modern day, tulip bulbs are extremely inexpensive as a souvenir gift. Note: The United States has a strict policy on these bulbs and you must buy bulbs approved by the US government. If not, you can buy everything from tulip photo frames to tulip pens.
I Amsterdam Gifts: The latest symbol of The Netherlands is actually the city of Amsterdam itself. The popular tourism board known as I Amsterdam has become such a prominent symbol to the city and the country. Many visitors bombard the famous I Amsterdam sculptures located in various spots of the city. Also, the I Amsterdam products are extremely well designed and delivered, from I Amsterdam t-shirts to the I Amsterdam City Card. This awesome card gives you access to the city for up to three days; which in itself can be a great pre-trip gift for anyone who is lucky enough to visit Amsterdam.

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