Spring Break in Miami means lots and lots of valuable beach time


Spring Break in Miami means lots and lots of valuable beach time


Daydreaming about that perfect tropical spring break vacation but want to stay stateside? Then Miami, Florida is the perfect place to enjoy your week away the street of classes and/or work.


With plenty of fun in the sun throughout the day on its miles of white sandy beaches and a truly wild nightlife that rivals any hot spot South of the Border, Miami is definitely becoming more and more popular with the Spring Break crowd that is looking to get away without going far away when booking a travel deal.


South Beach is one of the newer destinations on the Spring Break map and it quickly becoming one of the “it” locations to be seen each March and April. Below are a few tips about making the most of this fantastic Florida city.


Beach Scene: Obviously the most popular and busiest beach in Miami is South Beach. No wonder, as it is chock full of people that look like they just left a Maxim or GQ photoshoot. South Beach has been voted by many travel experts as one of the best people-watching beaches in the world.
But during Spring Break, make your way over to another popular strip of sand called Limmus Park (aka Glitter Beach). This wild party atmosphere runs between 6th and 14th Street, just off the well-known Ocean Drive. Good sand, warm ocean waters and beautiful people, what else can you ask for during Spring Break?!


Skate South Beach: Strap on some skates and go gliding down Lincoln Road. The ocean air, tropical climate and flat roads make Miami one of the best big cities to check out on wheels. There are plenty of shops throughout South Beach that offer skate rentals. I must warn you however that once you tackle Miami on skates, it might be difficult to go back to walking it for the remainder of your trip.


High Roller of the Seas: If you’re feeling lucky during Spring Break, then why not test it out with a little friendly gambling. Now technically gambling is illegal in the state of Florida, but the good people of Miami have figured out a way to get around that pesky rule. One of the classier casino offerings is the Casino Princessa. This gambling cruise boat is docked behind the Hard Rock Cafe at the Bayside Marketplace. For just $10 you can board the ship and enjoy 10,000 square feet of slots and various games that will attempt to take your money. Cruises are offered daily from 11:30am to 5pm and 7pm to midnight.


Watersports: While jumping into the ocean on a hot day during Spring Break is an ideal way to spend the afternoon, kick it up a notch and try out some water activities. Some of the more popular watersports in South Beach include jet skiing, which you can rent on both the beach and bayside of Miami. While most jet skis accomodate two passengers, newer modelas can even fit four people. Another great thing to check out on water is windsurfing. Never tried it? No problem, South Beach has plenty of shops that offer rentals and in certain cases training courses (for an additional fee of course).


Underwater: After you perfected your windsurfing abilities, take the plunge and check out what is going on below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two very fun and popular ways to enjoy a unique view of South Beach. Check with your hotel’s concierge about where to sign up for a diving course. Then strap on your goggles, get your air tank ready and go exploring the mysteries of Miami underwater.


Nightlife: After a day of running around on the beach, skating throughout town, windsurfing and snorkeling, it is time to focus on what truly makes Miami rock – its nightlife! Now while it would take probably a few chapters in a book to fully list and desrcibe all the bars and clubs of South Beach, let me mention just a new notable places you might want to check out for a cocktail or twelve and to get your dance on. While technically a chain, Wet Willie’s is a great place to order up a daiquiri and dance all night. Mansion (open Thursday-Sunday only) is a mega club which caters to celebrities, models and other famous beautiful people. Although it is a VIP club, check with your concierge for availability. At Club Deep you can actually dance on water with their amazing aquarium dance floor. Finally Fat Tuesday, while also a chain, it boasts some of the wildest parties in all of Miami.


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    Wow those are some pretty good tips. I am headed to Miami (not for Spring Break but for a wedding) and I am going to def try to inline skate around town. Thanks for the tip!


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