Chat it Up on The High Line


Many tourists shun the idea of traveling alone, yet those who brave such a venture will soon discover that the risk pays off.

While New York City is perhaps more famous for its fantastic restaurants, ground-breaking Broadway productions, and abundant art exhibitions, those savvy enough to travel alone will soon uncover the city’s unmatched possibilities for dating.

Whether you’re looking for love, lust, or something inbetween, NYC has a venue for every lonely traveler in town.

Head downtown to The National Underground, one of New York’s most popular music bars and sip happy-hour cocktails as you chat up the cute locals. One of the many New York music groups will serenade you as you discover something or someone new.

Travelers can also enjoy some of the many New York Gay & Lesbian bars that New York has to offer. Shower yourself in neon lights at the popular New York lounge bar, Urge, where a variety of local hotties are known to enjoy loud music and strong drinks at affordable prices.

When it’s time for a first date, head to one of the many New York karaoke bars near Washington Square Park. Loosen up those vocal chords and break the ice as you belt out a popular music hit. Or instead, impress your new amore with a romantic dinner at New York Italian restaurant Peasant, located in the heart of SoHo.

Discuss your future with a walk along The High Line, New York’s brand new elevated park which lies on a converted railway track.

You can also shop for a picnic at a local Jewish deli and head to Central Park. Relax, flirt and sunbathe by the pond as you listen to live music from many of the busking groups that circle the stunning New York park.

For the more traditional singles, buy tickets for a NYC Broadway show and unwind as you watch some of the city’s best Broadway productions.

And when it’s time to return home, maintain a long-distance relationship with great travel deals and cheap flights to New York City to see your loved one again.

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