This Delta flight is going nowhere fast (Flickr photo credit: Robert S. Donovan)


This Delta flight is going nowhere fast


As the most of the Northeast continues to dig out from the snowstorm that walloped them last weekend, another major winter storm is set to unleash more of the white stuff to parts of the West and Midwest by Christmas day.

Hundred of holiday travelers have been attempting to get to their final destinations throughout the country as Mother Nature unleashes Grinch-like weather conditions.

The snow, while nice to build a snowman with or look at from your living room, has caused a nation wide mess at airports with thousands of cancelled flights and many delays.

A storm that will cover most of Colorado and southern Utah is expected to dump more than a foot of snow today. That same storm is expected to cover Kansas in powder by the time residents are opening their gifts under the tree Friday.

Turbulent weather has caused substantial traffic delays in Arizona, with treacherous snowstorms closing most roads and even causing a 20 vehicle pileup Tuesday.

With weather being such an issue this week for holiday travel, here are a few tips to make it less stressful.


Check with your carrier: I can not stress this enough. Anyone planning to venture out to the airports this week should visit their airlines website for important flight information. Even if there is no snow forecasted for your city, there may be delays due to backup at a city hit with bad weather.

Arrive extra early: Expect long lines and grumpy people upon arrival. So give yourself plenty of time to get through security as it will ease the annoyance that is airport procedures.

Do not wrap your holiday gifts: Airport security is bad enough, so why make it worse? When bringing grandma that new sweater or your dad that annual Christmas tie, leave it in your luggage. Security has the right to unwrap your gift to ensure the safety of fellow passengers. They however can not keep your gift if they like it or re-gift it to another passenger.

Enjoy your holiday experience: As painful as it might be to wait around an airport, try to make the best of it. This is the holiday season and do not let some delays or other grumpy customers ruin it for you. Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer at the bar) and just be patient…you really have no other option.



Source: Associated Press 

Flickr photo credit: Robert S. Donovan



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