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Snap Away: Perfect Prague, IMG Cred: Charlie Floyd
 Picturesque Prague a European fairytale

This week, submission from British graphic designer Charlie Floyd brings us one step closer to pristine Prague.

This beautiful photo captures a stunning glimpse into Eastern Europe’s answer to Paris. The Czech capital with its gothic spires, cobbled streets and tourist friendly vibe has been captures here by Charlie.

“I loved the city’s fantastic zoo, the huge bridges that cross the Vltava River and of course, the quaint cobbled streets captured in these photographs.”

With a delightfully warm climate in summer, it might be worth catching cheap flights to Prague in 2012 to unwind with a unique city break.

As this photo shows, there’s something very real and authentic about the city. With the Prague Castle, the St Vitus Cathedral and the Old Town Square cited as the city’s main attractions, it’s easy to get lost in this European fairytale of a city.

“This photo captures the quieter parts of Prague. People eating and drinking on the street, cobbled roads and some of the most varied architecture in Europe.”

Best of all perhaps it Prague’s accessibility. Just a cheap flight away are Berlin, Paris, London and Moscow, so make a trip of it and soak up as much of Europe as you can this year.

Photo: Charlie Floyd

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