Snap Away: Beach California, IMG Cred: Liam Moore
California Clouds at Stunning Asilomar Beach

Travel photography is one of the many delights of traveling. With the exciting new feature Snap Away, we hope to bring you the very best of travel photography every week day from our eager traveling friends.

To start us off, London student Liam Moore brings us this great shot from Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove, California. ‘The beach is a hidden gem. It sits just a mile away from Monterey, an equally beautiful but busy place,’

Liam, who originates from the US, enjoys catching flights to LA but he’s always ready for a relaxing summer vacation out of town, ‘Asilomar Beach feels like its miles and miles away from any major cities.’

We liked this photo because it’s deceivingly similar to a painting; ‘I feel this picture captures the quiet beauty of the location and the feeling of contentment I have while I’m there.’

‘I still like catching flights to London, it’s a place that feels constantly alive, and it embraces its history while always looking towards the future.’

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Photo: Liam Moore

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